📣 400 Gal. amazing IBC tank, dedicated to wineries only

November 22, 2021

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Successful winemakers love the 400-gallon jacketed stainless steel IBC tank for small-lot fermentation and storing, which it does extremely well.

① The most important characteristic of the Olavin Mini Tanker is its Ease of Cleaning.
★The Mirror Polished internal seams help you clean your tanks twice as fast.

② Patent Olavin Dypple Jacket at tank back helps you achieve the ideal fermentation temperature easily. You do not get hot spikes/a fast ferment or cold spots/null extraction.

③ It is the #1 creative design to make your winery look STUNNING.

④ Anti-sliding design ensures safer stacking.

⑤ These tanks are forkliftable, pallet jack accessible, and truckload easy.

📣 Want to know how the Olavin Mini Tankers help you achieve more success?
⚠️ Click the below link: you will get a FREE brochure presenting more functions of the Olavin Mini Tanker ⬇⬇⬇

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