Harvest job at Carol Shelton Wines in Santa Rosa

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Job Description:
Carol Shelton Wines is seeking interns for Seasonal Cellar work during the 2020 harvest. CSW specializes in a wide variety of small-lot wines, so a job in our facility will expose you to many wine styles made by one of the top winemakers in California. Interns will work in all aspects of production, with varying responsibilities throughout the season. Interns will also participate in all steps of the winemaking process, working closely with our full-time staff in order to produce ultra-premium wines. Job requirements are a willingness to work long hours, a good attention to detail, being a team player, and a sense of humor.
– Cleaning, sanitizing and sterilization of all winery equipment and facilities.
– Moving of winery equipment: hoses, pumps, bins, elevator, and other equipment.
– Learning and performing all cellar safety protocols.
– Sorting and processing of grapes.
– Daily Fermentation monitoring.
– Daily punchdowns and pump overs.
– Inoculations and additions to wine, must, and juice.
– Pressing of grapes, must, and juice
– Preparation of barrels for filling
– Transferring and racking of wine and juice.
– Must be a verbal English speaker with strong communication skills.
– Must be able to work and cooperate in a team environment.
– Must be able to read and comprehend documents and protocols.
– Must be able to perform all tasks in a safe and timely manner.
– Must be dependable, punctual, and possess a strong work ethic.
– Must have the capability to follow directions and fit into the existing team framework.
– Must be able to maintain a positive attitude.
– Must have an attention for detail and quality while working at a fast pace.
– Must be able to show up on time, work longs hours, work overtime, and work on the weekends.
– Must be able to lift and carry 50lbs.
Work will begin in mid-August and continue into November. Exact end date will depend on the growing season and harvest schedule.

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