Fine Merlot Grapes on Napa Valley Floor - Calistoga


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Appellation (AVA)
Calistoga AVA
4.5 Tons
$950 per ton (you pick them price)

I grow one acre of some of the finest Merlot grapes in Napa County. These are mature vines that grow superior grapes that would be great as either a stand alone fine Merlot wine or as a blend. My vineyard is right on the valley floor, just outside Calistoga. Vineyard is under supervision of an experienced Vineyard manager. Last year's harvest was 4.5 tons.

As winemakers know, Merlot is back. This is a you pick them price ($950 per ton). This offer will not last long. . .you could pay up to $4,000 per ton for valley floor Merlot grapes.

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