Premium Russian River Pinot Noir (VR, Pommard, Swan)


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Pinot Noir
Appellation (AVA)
Russian River Valley AVA
13 Tons
$2,800/ton obo

This 7.6 acre vineyard was planted by Ulises Valdez and is currently being farmed by Vinedresser Vineyard Management. Kosta Browne has been the buyer of the vineyard’s grapes. The ranch is farmed sustainably. This vineyard has three clones: VR, Pommard and Swan. The vineyard is part of the Russian River Valley AVA yet located near and climatically influenced by Sonoma Coast. The vineyard is in the Sebastopol Hills area and is in a location that during this 2020 growing season was one of the areas in Sonoma County that was least affected by smoke. Recent micro fermentation of adjacent vineyards had excellent results and revealed no evidence of smoke taint.

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