KOCH Wine-COR M-3 Base Filter System

September 13, 2021

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For Sale: Used KOCH Wine-COR M-3 crossflow microfiltration system with turbidity meter.
- Utilizes WINEFILTER crossflow membranes,
which are designed to achieve optimal wine
clarity while maintaining color, taste and aroma.
- System is compatible with KOCH WINEFILTER 6” hollow fiber cartridges, 60” in length.
- This system is fully automated with an Allen Bradley PLC/HMI.
- Purchased new in 2017.
- Fully functional.
- No membranes will be included.
- See below for manufacturer’s information on system:
Asking $100,000 or best offer. Please reach out for more information.

Advertised Phone(856) 206-0175

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