Willmes Press

November 17, 2021


This press was purchased used. it was manufactured in 1988. It is a very robust and reliable press. To quote someone from Oregon who knows these press, it just keeps on going, so don't let its age worry you. It came from Germany to us in July 2017. Since we have had it we have pressed a total of 164 tons. It has a brand new bladder. it has been serviced for harvest each year. It is a 4000 liter / 40 hectoliters / 3 ton press. It has press pan on wheels and a hopper for the top. What we like about this press is that it is gentle. You can manually make adjustments or you can use it fully automated but it doesn't have a ton of gadgets. It can easily do press fractions. It is 480 volt 3 phase electricity. You do need a compressor to inflate the bladder. It has doors that you need to hook on to close.

Sales tax is required on this purchase if in CA. If you qualify for a partial reduction for manufacturing you can complete the appropriate certificate and reduce your sales tax for your are

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