How to place an ad

To place a classified ad online, please Register first, log in and then click on “place an ad” located on the top menu bar of any page on the site and follow the steps as directed. If you need help, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (800) 995-9463 or email

Ad pricing Classifieds offers 1 option for ad placement – Online Only which includes placement on our website inclusion in our Ad Alert program.  Currently, also provides, at no extra charge, a Weekly Ad Blast that each ad goes in at least 1 time, but usually 2-3 times.  In addition, ads placed in the Real Estate, Bulk Wine, Grapes, Used Winery and Vineyard Equipment (Boneyard Blast) and Help Wanted Categories are often included in seasonal and periodic focused blasts.  See our blasts for an upcoming schedule.  Ad Blasts are at our discretion and may be discontinued or changed at any time during the year.  There is no charge for being part of a blast.  Classified Ads are $1 per day and run in 15 day increments.  Please contact us if interested in website or Ad Blast banner ad pricing.


Online Pricing

15 Days for $15 ($1 per day)

Featured Ad Placement at top of search page with all “featured ads” +$5 one time

Advertise with us

Supplier Advertising


Media Kit: Please Contact us for a current Media Kit


Placing a Banner Ad on our Website currently offers a “rotational” banner ad placement program within several areas of our site. For pricing and further information, please contact us either via email or call us toll free at 1-800-995-9463 (wine). In addition, Classifieds offers banner ad placements within broadcast emails to over 40,000 recipients on a weekly basis. Contact us for more information and pricing.

Hyperlinks within Banner Advertisements

All banner advertisements have the capability of “housing” hyperlinks to the respective advertiser’s website. Please note the information as requested and make a note in the special instructions and comment box provided.

How to search Classifieds offers basic searches via category and users can also “drill down” and search via keyword, location, vintage, varietal, etc.

Delivery methods Classifieds Delivery Methods

Ad Alerts – Auto Email Delivery

You may register for our Free Ad Alert system that provides registrants with their own customized auto emails (in real time, hourly, daily or weekly) with new ads placed, by categories that you select.  Our Ad Alert system is perfect for people searching for specific items such as a job, grapes, bulk wine, real estate or whatever categories you select.  Click her to register for your Ad Alerts.

Weekly Ad Blasts

Newly placed and renewed ads are included in our Weekly Ad Blast for at least 1 time, but usually 2-3 times.  In addition, ads placed in the Real Estate, Bulk Wine, Grapes, Used Winery and Vineyard Equipment (Boneyard Blast) and Help Wanted Categories are included in seasonal and periodic focused blasts – for no extra charge.

– Ad Blasts of any type are free and we don’t charge extra to be part of them. We run them at our discretion in order to further promote your ads and the website.  They are not considered as part of the price you pay for your ad.
– When a new ad is placed, the ad is placed in our Tuesday blast and runs for a minimum 1 week, maximum 3 weeks – subject to ad volume. (for the last year, all ads have been left in for 3 weeks).
– When an ad is renewed, the 3 week count starts all over and the ad is placed back into the Blast cycle.
– During the “run time” of the ad, if there is a “Focused” blast for that category, i.e. grapes, ads are included in at least one blast, possibly two based on timing and number of ads.

Our goal of the blasts is to keep them fresh with new ads, whenever possible, to make sure people don’t get tired of receiving them.

About us

Wine Country Classifieds was founded back in 1992 when a couple of friends and wine industry veterans, Jim Williams and Tary Salinger, saw the need for an inexpensive and simple tool that allowed wineries, growers, suppliers and anyone else tied to the industry, to buy or sell equipment, barrels, grapes, bulk wine, real estate, etc. – as well as providing a means to find future employees.  They wound up with a basic classified advertising concept, without any editorials to not distract from straight forward communications.  Now with a combined wine industry experience of over 80 years, they celebrate their 29th year in partnership.   With the exception of a paper color switch from Mauve to Yellow (some may remember the mauve), to allow for recycled paper, and, oh yes, the internet – their primary goal and business has not changed.  “We’re very excited that the year of our 29th anniversary has brought us not only a new and improved website, but also a new name…”.

Contact us

Phone Contact: (707) 967-5155 (Due to COVID we are working remotely.  Please leave a message and we’ll return your call as soon as possible.  Thank you!

Email Contact:

FAX: (707) 967-5162

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