2022 New Olavin Mini Tanker, for real meticulous winemakers

November 18, 2022

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Price🚩OLAVIN: Top-notch tanks, honestly priced.

Today every penny of profit counts. And Olavin wants your tanks to work for all they’re worth.

Your current tank suppliers have wonderful products. Bless them. But compare them with Olavin, and then you make the decision.

Two things you’ll discover when you
Ask the People Who Own One

▬▬▬ 2022 Olavin Mini Tanker ▬▬▬

❶ Cleaning an Olavin tank is a breeze with minimal exertion required because all the interior welds are polished to a dairy grade, as smooth as a glass surface.

❷ Olavin Mini Tanker has a 4% slope, steeper than any particular tank you can name, and thus is easier to empty. You do not need to put the tank on a pallet to do the draining.

Please contact us if you’d like to receive a Free tank quotation, as well as a list of the wineries who have chosen Olavin.

Advertised Phone(909) 480-5358

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