Hi-proof BULK DISTILLATE from premium Mendocino Cnty wines

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2023 & 2022
French Colombard
Appellations (AVA) - CA, OR and WA
Redwood Valley AVA
Farming Practices
Farmed Sustainably

2023 & 2022 BULK DISTILLATE for sale from the Alambic Brandy Distillery in Redwood Valley, CA.

Hand-distilled on an antique cognac pot still from premium French Colombard grown in Mendocino County's Potter & Redwood Valleys, and Viognier grown in the Ukiah Valley along the Russian River.

ABV ranges from 69.6% - 72.8%. FC distillate is stored in neutral Limousin oak cognac barrels. Viognier currently available both in neutral oak & unoaked.

Call or email jallen@craftdistillers.com for current availability or more information. Pick up is by appointment only.

The Alambic Brandy Distillery has been distilling North Coast premium wines for over 40 years, and is the former home of Germain-Robin brandies.

Custom bulk distillation for fortification and distillation & aging services from your wine to finished package are also available. Visit AlambicBrandy.com for more info.

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