Crush Equipment

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$ Call for pricing - 707-738-7666 or email


(A) SUTTER PRESS ECM-150: This press was used approx 3 weeks per year for whites only. It can accommodate about 30 tons crushed/destemmed, or approx 13 tons whole cluster, and up to 45 tons fermented reds.

(B) SUTTER MEMBRANE ECM-150: The membrane in press is fine, but there is also an additional membrane new in box.

(C) ATLAS COPCO COMPRESSOR GX-15: This compressor usage reflects that of the press - About 3 wks of use per year. It is a 20 HP rotary screw w/ integrated air dryer - Very quiet and efficient unit.

(D) AIR RECEIVING TANK: In addition to the onboard tank on compressor, there is also a 1,060 gallon vertical air receiving tank - Minimizing membrane filling time, thus reducing press cycle durations considerably.

(E) STAIRS/CATWALK/RECEIVING HOPPER: This is a custom built aluminum stairwell, catwalk & stainless receiving hopper to accompany press.

(707) 738-7666

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