Mobile Wine Filtration Services

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DTM Wine Services, LLC is conveniently located in Bay Area.
We provide Mobile Cross Flow Filtration for small or large lots of wine. We have multiple filters build by Bucher Vaslin. With size and flow rate, from 400 gallos per hour to more then 2000 gallos per hour.

The benefits from Cross Flow Filtration are:
Achieve low turbidity level wine (below 1 NTU) with one pass only (one step filtration)
Saving time and product with Min Wine lost
No O2 pick up.
Our system is designed to filter your product in the most gentle and efficient way.
Fully automated it can run 24/7
Organic membranes in polyethersulfone specifically adapted to wine filtration.
Pore size: 0.2 nm nominal
Low pressure (0.7-1.1 bar trans membrane pressure)
No flavor adhesion
We also provide Trained Technician with wine making experience to ensure smooth operation with at most respect for your product

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