Bottling Services

March 4, 2019

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Full-service wine bottling for both small and large producers.
Bottling is the last fragile step in the winemaking process - so don’t chance all that dedication and hard work!
Our experienced staff will set you at ease during this key stage and provide you with a smooth, efficient bottling day and a great-looking final product. With our complete in-house bottling line we eliminate the hassle of setting up a date with one of the several mobile line companies that each offer different services. And since our all-inclusive price includes our experienced bottling team’s extensive skills and training, Owl Ridge Wine Services really is your one-stop shop for your bottling needs!

What we offer:
• Flexible scheduling
• All-inclusive competitive rates
• 750- & 375-ml formats
• Screw cap and cork finish
• Full sanitation & record keeping
• Rigorous QC program
• Flexible packaging options
• Magnum capabilities
• Label registration/COLA
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