Cabernet, Cab Franc, Petite Sirah, 3mi fr Napa, Kelsey Loam


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Appellations (AVA) - CA, OR and WA
North Coast AVA
Farming Practices
Farmed Organically
340 tons
$2775/per ton

200-250 tons Cabernet Sauvignon (63 acres)
20 tons Cabernet Franc (5 acres)
80-100 tons Petite Sirah (20 acres)
Kelsey Loam soil

The Mount St Helena Vinyeard is located on the north flank of the namesame Volcano, (the top of which, and Napa County is only 3 miles away from my vineyard). Grapes get their characteristics from the volcanic and alluvial soils that stem from it, and the particular winds that sweep the valley from the mountain in the afternoons and cools the grapes. The area is particularly dry during the Summer. Interestingly there is so far no history of mildew in my vineyard in the last 40 years. Middletown’s geology is quite interesting as it is a “cirque” almost, more than a small valley. The elevations in my vicinity are in the 1100-1200 range.

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