Lazo Frost Dragon 3pt equip. for frost control (used)

   Heavy Equipment

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Economical Crop Protection
Radiation Frost and
Advective Freeze Control
The Frost Dragon is inexpensive to run, consuming
approximately 2.8 lbs. of propane per hour acre. Four
to five hours of operation can be achieved on 400 lbs.
of propane. One machine can cover up to 20 acres
with the proper application pattern. It works in its
own micro-climate. The temperature inside the area
treated is independent from the outside temperature.
The strategy is to start with a temperature 4 degrees
or 5 degrees above the damaging temperature for the
type of crop and maintain that temperature. The Frost
Dragon not only protects against frost damage, it also
increases the fruit setting by managing temperatures
during blossoming. It can also help to avoid dew by
raising the temperature above the "dew point" and
reducing moisture. Frost Dragon utilizes a centrifugal
fan with twin volutes, providing a warm air reach of
160 to 250 feet.

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