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RedChirp is a Software as a Server (SaaS) startup. We are building a next generation messaging platform for small and medium sized businesses.

We have had some early interest from businesses in the wine industry and think the industry may be a good fit for our product. We are looking for a wine industry ambassador to help us get going in the wine industry.

To see some preliminary marketing materials check out our wine industry landing page:

What will the RedChirp wine industry ambassador do?

The goal for this position is to help us with business development in the wine industry. Primary responsibilities include:

• Help us tailor our product to make it more suitable for the wine industry
• Introduce us to early adopters in the wine industry
• Introduce us to prospects in the wine industry
• Help us secure virtual sales calls / demos with good prospects
• Introduce us to influencers in the wine industry
• Identify key accounts that, if won, would help RedChirp gain traction throughout the industry
• Help us improve our marketing materials to better connect with decision makers in the wine industry
• Provide advice on the best way to “get the word out” inside the wine industry
• Suggest and attend trade events with us in the industry

Compensation is T.B.D. depending on your desired level of involvement and time commitment.

The ideal candidate is someone who has “been there and done that” in the industry, has good connections and is interested in bringing cool new product to market.

Interested? Email us or text us (833) 244-2189..

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