October 26, 2021

Job Description/Qualifications

The Vineyard Manager will manage literally all aspects of the vineyard operation, from planting to harvest and everything in between. They will need to be hard working and capable of multi-tasking and supervising other vineyard workers. We look forward to hearing from qualified candidates!
Position Reports to:
*Must have strong computer skills and the ability to multi-task
*Willingness to do literally any and all functions required to operate the vineyard
*A strong and proven work ethic
*Understanding of vineyard/farm management practices and procedures
*Demonstrated leadership and decision-making skills
*Strong interpersonal and oral communication skills

Responsibilities & Duties:
Responsible for all aspects of managing the vineyard, including but not limited to:
*Cultivation, thinning, pruning, tying, suckering, canopy management, planting and replanting, irrigating, and harvesting
*Pest, fungicide, and herbicide management
*Irrigation, monitoring and making recommendations related to vineyard and fruit quality
*Erosion control, trellis Installation, irrigation installation, frost protection, vineyard installation, fence installation and R&M
*Provide and acquire proper tools for all jobs; make sure that workers use the necessary equipment; keep areas clean and orderly; comply with county, state and federal regulations
*Enforce company policy; ensure that every job or task is safe for the employees; supervise to make sure all work is carried out correctly; assist the workers and treat them with respect
*Must be able to reasonably estimate harvest equipment needed; provide accurate harvest estimates; work within assigned budgets
*Understand and train employees in Policy, Procedures and Safety
*Increase/improve fruit and wine quality
*Ensure that all necessary equipment is on site and in good operating condition prior to work
*Effectively communicate and work cooperatively with support staff
*Search out and evaluate vineyard problems and make recommendations that provide effective, timely and economic solutions and deliver quality fruit

Salary/PaySalary Commensurate with experience


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