$100 Smoke Taint Mini-Consultation

August 23, 2020

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Since 2017, I have coordinated an international smoke taint working group to research its chemistry, practical vinification protocols, treatments and mitigation. We amassed a considerable literature library available to everyone at http://postmodernwinemaking.com/smoke-taint.

Much has been learned and much mystery remains. We have acquired considerable experience in what not to do, and have exploded many myths that remain popular even today.

I am offering my services to tailor our findings to your specific situation as a mini-consultation for $100. This includes any follow-up that you may require.

Before we talk, please read my 2018 article on smoke taint basics in Wine Business Monthly: Fire Down Below http://bit.ly/WBMFireDownBelow .

Clark Smith
WineSmith Wines & Consulting

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