Riesling (Rheingau) and DOC sparkling Pinot Grigio for sale

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2018 Riesling/NV Sparkling Pinot Grigio
Appellations (AVA) - CA, OR and WA
Calif., Oregon and Wash. Appellations
400+ cases each 12/750ml

Big Claw Sparkling Pinot Grigio made to go with seafood. Grown in DOCG Asolo but Pinot Grigio is not allowed to use DOCG, so it is DOC. Custom label made by Agricola Bedin, a high quality Prosecco producer. Mostly distributed in Maine and Massachusetts but pandemic stalled tourism and the wine lost momentum. Gorgeous sparkling wine.

Luftschlosse German Riesling Rheingau. Blended and produced at Hochschule Geisenheim University one of the oldest wine making/growing colleges in the world. Private label. Fresh and lively with typicity of the Rheingau.

Both wines' marketing got stalled during the pandemic and we simply want to move on to another project. Technical sheets available for both wines.

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