Hand Picked Premium Italian Organic Grapes, , Sustainable,

Appellations (AVA) - CA, OR and WA
Calif., Oregon and Wash. Appellations
3.5 tons

Tranquil Heart Vineyards
Grape Availability for 2022 (updated 7/15/22)
All Grapes are handpicked.Bio dynamic sustainable vineyard located in the South Coast Appellation. We use NO Round up or pesticides on our land. Mildew suppression is OMRI certified sulfur and minor elements from the Pacific and Indian oceans. Our viticulture practices include:

No machine, all phases of the vineyard is hands on. Pruning, shoot thinning, leaf pulling, fruit thinning, harvest, starting at verasion. Clean pure mountain water without any NPK food, then we limit the water to achieve the perfect balance of ripening for both acids and brix levels.

Our harvesting is handpicked, with zero leaf and always done at night. Product to be picked up prior to sunrise please. I work hard all year to be prefect. Grapes are harvested at your specifications, although we harvest most grapes @ 24.5 brix.

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