Fairplay Vineyard House and Vineyard

August 7, 2021

For Sale or LeaseFor Sale

Type of PropertyVineyard

Property Size23 acres 9 planted

General Details

The Fairplay vineyard house was designed and built as two homes. John Smith the founder of Oakstone Winery and his wife Susan occupied the upper levels of the home which features three bedrooms, two baths, a three-car garage, spacious warp-around deck, and walk-in pantry The lower level was built as separate living quarters for John and Susan’s adult children who would often visit the estate. The downstairs features one-bedroom, one bath, a spacious living room and kitchenette and has its own separate entrance for privacy.

The original De Cascabel Vineyard was planted by the noted vineyard manager Ron Mansfield of Goldbud Farms. The nine acres of include Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Mourvèdre, Charbono, Pinot Grigio, Dolcetto, Petite Sirah and Merlot. These vineyards continue to be professionally managed by a well-known vineyard manager, producing above average tonnage of high-quality fruit. Every year all the fruit is sold to local and Napa Valley wineries at or above district average prices.

The distinctive quality of fruit from this vineyard and others locally has earned national recognition as a designated AVA, American Viticultural Area, by the TTB a division under the U.S. Department of Treasury. Fairplay today features over 30 wineries and tasting rooms open to the public.

Oakstone became one of the largest wineries in the area featuring a 10,000 sq. foot winery and tasting room. Unfortunately, the winery was destroyed by a fire in 2012. Oakstone continues the tradition of premium award-winning wines at affordable prices in a new nearby location.

The footprint of the old Oakstone Winery remains. The 60X125 cement pad and the infrastructure for another winery is in place and waiting to be built. Other uses may be as an entertainment venue or wine storage facility.

The Fairplay Vineyard House is a lovely home for those seeking a rural lifestyle. The totally private downstairs guest home with separate entrance, is a perfect set up for the multi-generational family.

The main house and the downstairs apartment have been evaluated by Airbnb and Vrbo as having significant income potential. The owned solar system reduces and special agriculture tax district, keeps expenses to a minimum.

Additional details regarding the Fairplay Vineyard House, the vineyards and the new winery building site are available from Ken Calhoon who is the broker representing the sellers.

Vineyard Details

De Cascabel Vineyard-planted in 1981 by Ron Mansfield of Goldbud Farms. De Cascabel is Spanish for rattlesnake, and the vineyard got its name from a nest of hibernating rattlesnakes discovered when a boulder was rolled away during clearing in the spring of 1981.

Three acres of cabernet sauvignon. The lowest six rows of cabernet sauvignon are "dry-farmed" (not irrigated, but there is some sub-surface flow that sustains the vines). One acre of cabernet sauvignon, converted to “octilateral trellising" by adding four more cordons to each vine, to balance the excessive vigor of the vines. 2: One acre of "old" merlot. 3: 0.5 acre of cabernet franc, grafted from cabernet sauvignon in 1992 and converted to bilateral cordon, replanted on 588 rootstock from 2001-2003 4: One acre "new" merlot, grafted from cabernet in 1996. 23: 0.5 acre of mourvedre, grafted from carmenere in 2015 on Bilateral cordon. 0.5 acre of dolcetto, also grafted from cabernet sauvignon in 2007 and converted to bilateral cordon. Originally, this 7-acre vineyard was on quadrilateral trellising, AxR1 rootstock, 8'x 12' spacing and drip irrigated.
5-7: Geoff & Katy Farm- planted in 1997 on 110R rootstock, drip irrigated, and 6' x 10' spacing on a bilateral cordon with a "catch wire" to help elevate the shoots. The first commercial crop was in 2000.
5: 0.5 acre of malbec and 6: 0.5 acre of petite sirah grafted from petit verdot, 7: Single remaining row of petit verdot. 8: A single row of 23 dolcetto vines (grafted from Sangiovese) planted along the driveway.

Permit/Zoning Information

AG. Williamsom Act.


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