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Willamette Valley, Oregon Vineyard For Sale

The vineyard property is located approximately 4 miles south of Monmouth, Oregon in the Willamette Valley on a well-maintained gravel road that lies west of Hwy 99W and is north of Elkins and west of Helmick County Roads, both paved roads.

- $150k discount for close before Aug 10th

Vineyard Details

Helmick Hill Vineyard was established in 1984 and has been certified by LIVE ("Low Input Viticulture Enology") to be "Salmon Safe" since the beginning of the LIVE program in 1999. These sustainable farming practices are more and more important to the wine consumer, wineries and general public.

A 59.5 acre has 32.5 acres inside of the New Zealand deer fencing and about 30 acres of it are planted in vineyard which are currently producing over *100 tons of fine award-winning wine grapes each year.

6 acres of Pinot Blanc Grapes

11 acres of Pinot Gris

18 acres of Pinot Noir (with wide clone varieties, Pinot Noir 115, 114, 777, Pommard and Wadensvil; Pinot Blanc is all Colmar clones 159 and 161; and Pinot Gris are Dijon clones 146, 152, and UCD 103)

About 12 acres are grafted rootstocks, and the rest are self-rooted. There are 22 acres of VSP trellis and 8 acres of older, modified hang-down trellis.

The vineyard property has two irrigation ponds with an approved water allocation of 5 acre feet of irrigation which has never been needed in one year. There could be an additional 5 or 6 acres on the east side of the house to plant more wine grapes. Included in rental of vineyard is a tractor, sprayer, flail mower and field cultivator.

An approval in 2000 had been given by the OLCC for a winery on the property (not currently active), (which is not the same as a bonded Federal winery).

*2006 was the last year that the owner was in complete control of the operation of the vineyard, which sold 132 tons of grapes for over $206,000. That was before planting 4 more acres of Pinot noir grapes and now have a total of 18 acres of Pinot noir, 10 Gris and 6 Blanc.


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