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Glass for your bottlingNorth Coast, California03/19/2018$2
Ultra Wall Humidity Control SystemSouth Coast, California02/23/2018$799
Aerocide PPT ACS50 (Air Purifier) x2North Coast, California02/20/2018$500
Hercules Plate and Frame FilterNorth Coast, California03/19/2018$0
New and Used Floor ScalesNorth Coast, California03/12/2018$
 Title Location Date Price

Glass for your bottling

March 19, 2018


I have the following cases of clean 750mL glass: Hock flint bar top - 10cs Bord flint bar top 60cs Burg antique green bar top 40cs Everything is two dollars a case. Discount if you take it all. Pick up is in Rutherford, Napa Valley.

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2018 ULTRA WALL MOUNTED HUMIDITY CONTROL SYSTEM controls approximately 900-1200 sq ft of humidity, for larger areas you simply add units, each operating from the same water line & each operate within different zone humidity range, as each unit has its own separate Humidistat INDUSTRIAL HUMIDIFICATION: ultra fine mist partial size ( 4 micron or less ) allowing for complete instant evaporation within very small area, no chance for anything to get wet or damp BUILT IN SENSOR/CONTROLLER: each unit comes complete with its own 2%Rh adjustable humidistat INTELLIGENT WATER CONTROL: water feed is full time delivery with connected supplied 1/4" flex water line with Intelligent Auto-Stop when water is low or stops ANTIBACTERIAL TECHNOLOGY: water chamber uses silver ion antibacterial technology for always clean fresh & hygienic mist vapor SIMPLE INSTALLATION: wall mounted installation & Slip/Lok connectors make for simple self installation email: TACmisting@gmail.com - 714 336-8282

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I am getting rid of this Hercules plate and frame filter, 15 inch plates for 40cm pads. Hasn't been used in years but would work fine for a small winery or home winemaker. Yours if you haul it away!


Starting at $800, new $1195. Cell (916) 600-8336