Title Location Date Price
Vineyard Services for Small VineyardNorth Coast, California01/29/2018$
Need a place to make wine?North Coast, California02/09/2018Negotiable
Brandy & Grappa DistillationNorth Coast, California09/07/2017$
 Title Location Date Price

Services including pruning, suckering, leaf removal, etc.

Need a place to make wine?

February 9, 2018


Interested in leasing space in a winery to do your own work? NOT custom crush! A winery that specializes in Pinot Noir, we are looking for the right fit as a minor partner in our facility. Some equipment available for use, 40+/-barrel capacity. Call 707-481-1578.

Brandy & Grappa Distillation

September 7, 2017

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We are a distillery in Sonoma County offering our services for custom distilling projects. Your 1st, 2nd press, or lees can yield excellent brandy. Our Services Include: - Brandy distillation - Grappa distillation - Custom spirits design and distillation - Spirits for fortification - Bonded barrel storage - Bottling services - Spirits for use around the winery as cost effective sanitizer Please contact us with any questions. http://www.griffodistillery.com