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Custom Crush Services

March 4, 2019

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Custom Crush Owl Ridge Wine Services is a premium custom winemaking facility located in the Russian River Valley. Our mission is to provide responsive, professional, and conscientious service to our clients with attractive pricing and a staff dedicated to producing the highest quality premium wines. Custom winemaking is our focus and that means your wines are our first priority. - Small and Large lots - 3 bladder presses (two 5 ton presses and one 3 ton press) - Elevated sorting table with sorting crew - Climate controlled storage - Cross Flow, DE and Pad filtration options - Cold & Hot glycol temp controlled tanks - In house Laboratory (provides basic lab analyses) - In house bottling line (Flexible scheduling) - Experienced, friendly staff *5-10 Ton Minimum Prices depending on tonnage and what exactly your looking to do. Email: cory@owlridgews.com