Title Location Date Price
Humidity Control SystemNorth Coast, California10/04/2017$799
Small Winery EquipmentCentral Coast, California10/03/2017$Various
OLIVE HARVESTERNorth Coast, California09/20/2017$
Wine label design, brochures, logosNorth Coast, California09/05/2017$
Mobile Bottling TrailerOregon08/01/2017
Grape Picking Lugs-$3/eachNorth Coast, California07/02/2017$3.00 Each
Carrier Transicold ContainerNorth Coast, California06/27/2017$
Stemware - Czech Republicother05/09/201736.00
FDA Compliand Nutritional Analysisother10/04/2017$
TestNorth Coast, California09/27/2017$
metals bottles cagesNorth Coast, California09/13/2017$flexible, brand new 150 euros
Sale - New & Used ScalesSacramento Valley/Sierra Foothills09/06/2017$
Rolling Barrel Aisle StaircaseNorth Coast, California08/24/2017$750.00
528 Cases Burgundy Style BottlesCentral Valley, California08/07/2017$4.00/case
healdsburg room for rentNorth Coast, California07/13/2017$
 Title Location Date Price

Humidity Control System

October 4, 2017

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ULTRA WALL HUMIDITY CONTROL SYSTEM Each Ultra Wall Mist system can handle approximately 900-1200 sq ft area of controlled humidity, for larger areas simply add units, each operating from the same water source line and can operate a different zone humidity range, as each unit has its own separate Humidistat. Industrial Humidification: ultra fine mist partial size allowing for instant and complete evaporation within very small area, no chance for anything to get wet or damp. Built in Sensor/Controller: each comes complete with its own 2%Rh adjustable humidistat. Intelligent Auto-Control & Safety Shut Off: water feed is full time delivery with supply 1/4" flex water line with Intelligent Auto-Stop when water is low or supply stops. Antibacterial Technology: water chamber uses silver ion antibacterial technology for always clean fresh and pure hygienic mist vapor. Simple Installation: wall mounted & uses push/pull fitting connections 714 336-8282 - TACmisting@gmail.com

Small Winery Equipment

October 3, 2017


CRUSH EQUIPMENT Bladder Press (30gal) $1,031 Pallet Jack w/digital scale $2,925 Destemmer with hoses $1,476 50 gal poly open top fermentors (16) $960 Stainless punch down tools (2) $180 LAB EQUIPMENT Ebulliometer $637 Thermometer $76 pH Meter $250 Centrifuge $187 Refrigerator $112 Magnetic stirrer $112 Digital Lab Scale $93 Pipet $75 Refractometer $48 TANKS AND RACKS Stainless Steel Flat Bottom Floating Lid 615L $693 335L $491 300L $468 200L $393 Fusti 100L $150 Poly Tank 350L $112 Drums 14.5 gal (6) $144 Racks (11) $112 Barrel Washer $112 WINE PROCESSING EQUIPMENT Wine Pump (2hp) $120 20X20 cm Plate and Frame Filter $1,150 Canister filters (2) $75.00 Bottle filler $260 Rapid 12 co corker $1700


September 20, 2017


Battery operated olive harvester. Optimize harvesting times by 3 compared to manual harvesting. call Dave @ 707-529-7856

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Very experienced graphic designer for packaging, unique & personal winery logos, clever ads, rack cards, brochures, billboards

Mobile Bottling Trailer

August 1, 2017

12 spout filler with deaeration and adjustable stars and guides, cork/screw cap turret, cork/cap elevator, 4-head foil spinner including automatic capsule dispenser and heat tunnel, Impresstik dual web labeler, on-board steam generator, air compressor and water tank. Lots of change parts. Most equipment including trailer are new. This unit is ready to go.

Price$3.00 Each
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150 Grape Picking Lugs, very good condition. Lugs Stack and Nest, Perforated $3.00 each or best offer. Sonoma County 707-327-8022 afvwines@cs.com


This is a refrigerated Carrier Transicold ThinLine container box, NOT a trailer on wheels. You will need a trailer to pick it up. This 40 foot beauty is outfitted with internal rollers and was last used for grape cold storage during harvest, so it works! Need a field office? How about a mobile workshop or your own mini storage? Looking for retail space, a bunk house for a hunting camp, storm shelter or maybe even a tiny house? If so, then please respond ASAP, let's talk

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Quality Czech Stemware - Fluted Champagne 6.5 oz., All Purpose Wine Glass (Red or White) 15.25 oz., and Red Wine Glass 18.50 oz. available for immediate shipment. Each Set consists of 6 Fluted Champagne, 6 All purpose Wine Glasses and 6 Red Wine Glasses. Each Set is $36.00 plus shipping charges. All items are in stock and available for immediate shipment.

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NutriData is an FDA approved nutrition facts labeling company for the food and beverage industry. We provide pertinent nutrition analysis information to the restaurant and wine industry regarding calories, fat, sodium, carbohydrates, sugars, protein and potassium. We can test by database or lab to provide a nutrition analysis, nutrition facts panel, calories and specific gravity. The attached is a typical FDA approved label for Beer and Wine. Please contact us with any questions at lslack@NutriData.com. Our phone number is 949-218-0535.


September 27, 2017



metals bottles cages

September 13, 2017

Price$flexible, brand new 150 euros

Traditional Bordeaux bottles containers, can hold 486 bottles

Sale - New & Used Scales

September 6, 2017


Floor Scale 4 x 4 NTEP legal 5000 lbs x 1. $1195 + freight RTO

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Custom 12' + high rolling aluminum staircase suited for use in barrel aisles or for use with fermentation tanks for pumpovers.


Brand new Burgundy bottles, screw top, antique green. Palletized and shrink wrapped, ready to go. $4.00/case, or best offer.


For harvest 2017 intern; room w/ bath in Healdsburg. Off street parking. Male or female, call Matthew 707 322 8801