Title Location Date Price
Quality Glass Starting at $4.99/Caseother10/24/2017$
Flextanks, Macro-bins & Picking LugsSacramento Valley/Sierra Foothills10/23/2017$
Tin Capsule recyclingNorth Coast, California10/15/2017$
Kombi filter press 40x40other10/09/2017$8000
(2) 1-ton MacrobinsSacramento Valley/Sierra Foothills10/02/2017$250 each
Amarone Bamboo Drying RackNorth Coast, California08/31/2017$7,500/ Negotiable
Cork HopperNorth Coast, California12/13/2017$4200
Peristaltic Pump (Details)Central Valley, California08/03/2017$17,000 obo
40 ft Insulated containerSacramento Valley/Sierra Foothills06/30/2017$Best Offer
Kosme Wet Glue LabelerNorth Coast, California04/19/2017$
 Title Location Date Price

All Styles in stock. No minimums. http://www.westcoastbottles.com 1-800-282-2028


Flextanks: 2 x 300G, 4 x 200G, 1 x 100G (plus racking arm and valve for each). Macro-bins: 2 x Half-Tons (& lids). 30 x Picking Lugs. See https://winery-equipment-for-sale.weebly.com/ for more info (incl. prices & pictures)

Tin Capsule recycling

October 15, 2017

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Hello, my name is Tony demetro, I am with TNTCalCo, We specialize in purchasing all types of wine tin capsules/foils for recycling, We are a Eco-Friendly service that comes out to you, weigh and pay on site! If you could please forward this to the appropriate person in your winery, I would be happy to answer any questions, or if you would like to schedule a pick up date, I can be reached at (510) 992-9148 Or by emailing me. We also purchase all types of equipment and machinery as well. Please feel free to give us a call for more info Thanks TNTCalCo Tony Demetro (510) 992-9148 TNTCalCo@Gmail.com

Kombi filter press 40x40

October 9, 2017


We have a kombi filter with 40 lees filter plates and 26 40x40 plates for filtering wine. It is in great working condition it is just too big and too much for our little winery. Made by alpha filters and sold by criveller for 19200 brand new. Asking $8000 obo we will ship.

(2) 1-ton Macrobins

October 2, 2017

Price$250 each

2 1-ton Macrobins. Great for small winery red frementations

Price$7,500/ Negotiable
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40 Bamboo trays Custom made routed sturdy 4'x8' Douglas fir 2'x4' sanded thick 1/2-3/4 inch bamboo Hold 100-125 pounds of grapes per tray 8 Racks Hold 8 bamboo trays 6 Bamboo 4'x8' Rolls

Cork Hopper

December 13, 2017


With nylon brush conveyor for removing cork dust, 240v 3p, pictures available upon request.

Price$17,000 obo

Peristaltic Pumps: This working principle decreases oxidation, shaking, emulsion, grape and grape-seed squeezing, and the contact between product and pumping element. The peristaltic pump is the new soft and delicate system for transferring more or less thick fluids. The pump is suitable for working with fluids (wine, fruit juice, milk, oil), semi-solid products (whole grapes, destemmed grapes, pressed grapes, tomatoes), or abrasive products (marc, feed stuff, meal). CHARACTERISTICS: Stainless steel pump body AISI 304 stainless steel self-supporting stand Rotor with two rolls mounted on bearings Motor reducer directly applied on the bearing element Includes control panel, complete with reverse feature Includes two buffer tanks to ensure a constant flow Includes “inverter” electronic speed variator read all about it it here: http://www.criveller.com/products/winery/pumps/peristaltic-pumps/

Price$Best Offer

2 ea 40 ft insulated (refrigerator type) containers, each holds 56 wine barrels, has small air conditioner included call Jim 530 306-4269

Kosme Wet Glue Labeler

April 19, 2017

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Kosme Wet Glue Labeler, model 6TS2E2, year 1992, 480 volt. Change parts for 375 claret, 750 claret, 1.5 claret, 750 burgundy, 1.5 burgundy. Purchased from Honig Winery last year, only part of the bottling line we are not using - moving to a pressure sensitive labeler. Well maintained with records. Photos and video available available. Make Offer