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Excess Wine Glass and Caps for SaleNorth Coast, California02/21/2018$
Criveller introduces a new CrossflowNorth Coast, California02/06/2018$Call for Pricing
Quality Glass Starting at $4.99/Caseother10/24/2017$
Century 19 Ton Glycol ChillerNorth Coast, California02/13/2018$25,000
Looking For Used Lab EquipmentNorth Coast, California02/08/2018$ To be Determined
 Title Location Date Price

Chateau Diana Winery has excess Wine Glass for sale. Please contact Christinem@chateaud.com for a complete list with pricing.

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Criveller is excited to introduce our new Dymanic Crossflow units. Crossflows range from 2-32 modules Units come standard with hollow fibre membranes in either polypropylene or polyethersulfone, depending on the application. Both are resistant to a wide range of chemical agents, heat action, and mechanical stress. Two buffer tanks included. One for back-washing and one for clean product transfer Includes product extraction pump Filter is capable of by-passing modules for smaller lots Digital touchscreen with programmable operation cycles Stainless stell IP 55 rated electric control board complete with door-blocking main switch includes the following: Thermal protection of loads Components for automatic control of the trans-membrane pressure Timer relays Control switches and E stop Unit is designed with wheels


All styles in stock. No minimums. http://www.westcoastbottles.com 1-800-282-2028


Compete package, In service now. 208/240 twin ,15 HP compressors. Air cooled. 550 gallon glycol tank. On skid. Available for pickup in May

Price$ To be Determined

I am looking used Lab equipment at a reasonable price. Specifically, I am looking for: a ebulliometer (I preffer the French design but will consider the Italian Design),, An SO2 Aeration-Oxidation apparatus, a carbo-doser, a set of Volumeric Flasks (100 ml, 200 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml & 1000 ml) and an adjustable volume mico-pipettor 10 ul to 100ul. I can be contacted by email: etiennecowper123@gmail.com or by phone/text 909-260-8309