Title Location Date Price
6 Used S/S Tanks--2000-6200gNorth Coast, California01/22/2018$
New Stainless Wine TanksNorth Coast, California01/10/2018$
Automatic Fermentation TanksCentral Coast, California02/07/2018$
SS Red/White Ferm and StorageNorth Coast, California01/04/2018$14,000, 10,000
1550 Jacket tankNorth Coast, California11/21/2017$7,200.
QUALITY STAINLESS TANKSNorth Coast, California04/14/2017$
 Title Location Date Price
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Quality stainless steel fermenting or storage tanks available at a fraction of new tank prices. Discount for buying multiple tanks. All tanks in Napa County unless otherwise noted. More info at http://www.winetankbroker.com FERMENTING AND STORAGE TANKS Lot # Capacity Price Description Lot B1 3,980g $10,499 * Pictured below. Sierra Stainless, dual doors, fully jacketed. Amador County Lot BE2 3,000g $4,799 * Not jacketed. 36" x 36" square removable lid for open top fermentations. Add a cooling coil and you get a fermentation tank for about 1/3 the cost of new. Lot BE3 3,000g $4,799 * Identical to BE2. Lot BE4 6,200g $10,999 * Pictured below. Chillable with internal cooling column. INSULATED FERMENTING AND STORAGE TANKS--Coated with 3-4" of insulation. Energy saving. Perfect for outdoor locations. Lot # Capacity Price Description Lot 0014 2000g $5,699 * Pictured below. Insulated, jacketed, single door Lot 0004 4006g $8,899 * Insulated, jacketed, single door

New Stainless Wine Tanks

January 10, 2018


New Wine Tanks - Variable Capacity, Closed Top, Bright Tanks. Custom sizes. Visit our website.

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For Sale :- 2 x Gimar Selector 10Ton capacity and 1 x Ganimede 10Ton Capacity Automatic fermentation vessels

Price$14,000, 10,000

2 3500 Gal. truncated top and 2 1200 gal. Variable cap. Dual jackets, Polar clad, on stands.

1550 Jacket tank

November 21, 2017


Close top, 1550 gal, 1998 Puleo, bottom gate, bottom and racking valves, no stand but sloped bottom with forklift channels.Approx 6' x 12'


April 14, 2017


"Ready to Ship" Brand New Enclosed Top Ferm/Storage Tanks Limited availability, going fast. Call for Details. Contact us Today to Discuss Your Stainless Tank Needs http://www.qualitystainless.com (707) 837-2721