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Grape Harvesters for saleCentral Valley, California07/24/2019$60,000ActiveHeavy Equipment17467
Gregoire G2 Grape HarvesterOregon06/16/2019$100,000ActiveVineyard Equipment & Supplies Other16767
GreGoire Speedflow 1500 SprayerOregon06/16/2019$25,000ActiveVineyard Equipment & Supplies Other16766
Special - Floor Scales $1095North Coast, California02/20/2018$ActiveVineyard Equipment & Supplies Other7899
TitleLocationDatePriceStatusChoose category...Entry ID
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2 Gregoire 120 Side Discharge, 4WD, Turbo Deutz Diesel harvesters, 2001 models owned since new for sale. Engines updated in within past few years, machines well maintained.


Purchased new, used only 2 hours. I had seen one work in vineyard in the Columbia Basin and was impressed. But after purchasing and working with it 2 hours we concluded our soil type and steep hills did not work with the harvester, so ended up hand picking. Harvester is a great picker, but not the answer for our ground. Cost $160,000 selling for $100,000


Fully hydraulically controlled boon with flexible diffusers. Cover three vineyard rows at a time. Purchased new in 2015 for $42,000 used for 3 sprays but found it be too big to spray small block so had to go to a smaller unit. Unit is fully loaded with computer tandem flotation wheels.

Special - Floor Scales $1095

February 20, 2018

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New and Used Floor scales. Perfect for weighing macro bins. Starting at $800, new Special $1095. From Above Scale Co. 800-200-9970