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2020 Kubota M6060Sierra Foothills/Amador County/Shenandoah Valley02/20/2021$41,500ActiveHeavy Equipment25305
Valley Bins - Stainless SteelNorth Coast, California01/27/2021$3500 EACHActiveVineyard Equipment & Supplies Other25018
Lazo Frost Dragon 3pt equip. for frost control (used)North Coast, California01/27/2021$6,000.00ActiveHeavy Equipment25008
S.I.S Frost MachineNorth Coast, California01/21/2021$9000.00ActiveVineyard Equipment & Supplies Other24945
TitleLocationDatePriceStatusChoose category...Entry ID

2020 Kubota M6060

February 20, 2021

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Like New with only 79 hours. Used during harvest and discovered it is a little too big for our vineyard spacing. 60 HP, full Cab with heat & AC, 4WD. Front weight kit with suitcase weights. 2nd and 3rd position lever kit with self canceling detent valve.

Price$3500 EACH

30 gondolas for sale. Stainless Steel brand new, never been used valley bins for sale.

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Economical Crop Protection Radiation Frost and Advective Freeze Control The Frost Dragon is inexpensive to run, consuming approximately 2.8 lbs. of propane per hour acre. Four to five hours of operation can be achieved on 400 lbs. of propane. One machine can cover up to 20 acres with the proper application pattern. It works in its own micro-climate. The temperature inside the area treated is independent from the outside temperature. The strategy is to start with a temperature 4 degrees or 5 degrees above the damaging temperature for the type of crop and maintain that temperature. The Frost Dragon not only protects against frost damage, it also increases the fruit setting by managing temperatures during blossoming. It can also help to avoid dew by raising the temperature above the "dew point" and reducing moisture. Frost Dragon utilizes a centrifugal fan with twin volutes, providing a warm air reach of 160 to 250 feet.

S.I.S Frost Machine

January 21, 2021


2004 Shur Farms Frost Machine with Kohler power unit, 1000ft of accessory curtains and conduit hangers