Title Location Date Price
Criveller Filtration OptionsNorth Coast, California07/13/2018$Call for Pricing
Destemmer / crusherCentral Coast, California07/11/2018$10,000 offers considered
5,000 Liter Sutter Press EPC-50Central Coast, California07/11/2018$60,000 offers considered
Carlsen & Assc. Screw SumpNorth Coast, California07/03/2018$3,300.00 OBO
Sharfenberger VS 3.6 Shaker TableNorth Coast, California07/03/2018$9,500
C&A Puleo Vega 10 Destemmer-CrusherNorth Coast, California07/03/2018$16,695 OBO
Hopper, sorter/conveyer, bonar binsNorth Coast, California07/03/2018$ e-mail for pricing
Chillers, Chillers and ChillersNorth Coast, California07/02/2018$ 0.0
Puleo SF-36 DrainpressNorth Coast, California07/02/2018$35,000.00
Stemmer/CrusherCentral Valley, California07/02/2018$2500
Winery Cellar EquipmentNorth Coast, California07/02/2018$ as noted above
Wine Processing Equipment for SaleCentral Valley, California06/26/2018Cima Crusher Destemmer, $6,500.00; Custom Promac Auger Loader w/ Loading Table, $5K; Must Pump, $6K; 1 1/2 Impeller Wine Pump, $1K; 1/2 Ton Malovac bin dumper, $2K
CMA DestemerSierra Foothills/Amador County/Shenandoah Valley06/21/2018$1800.00
Rail mounted Newmatic punch down tooOregon06/20/2018$5800.00
Sorting LineOregon06/20/2018$75,000
 Title Location Date Price
Price$Call for Pricing
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Criveller offers a complete line of automatic CROSSFLOW with either Polypropylene (PP) or Polyethersulfone (PES) membranes depending on the product to be filtered. Our Crossflow employs exceptional technology that guarantees extraordinary performance. Click here for more detailed information. Our ROTOVAC is designed and engineered for filtration of wine lees, fresh must and fine sediment of white and red wines. Rotary Vacuum Drum filters are an excellent addition which allows the winery to maximize the amount. Our DE FILTERS are designed for ease of use and simplicity. Criveller offers both manual discharge and automatic discharge DE filters. This filter is an excellent choice to speed up your production and is a great upgrade/addition to plate and frame filters. Our PLATE FILTER can be used for wine, beer, food, chemical and pharmaceutical fields. It can be used as a straight wine plate filter with cellulose sheets, or a double filtration kit to filter two grades.

Destemmer / crusher

July 11, 2018

Price$10,000 offers considered

This is a Healdsburg Machine Company heavy duty stainless steel destemmer / crusher. It has been modified to allow for destemming without crushing. Comes with a stainless steel dump hopper. 4 inch discharge valve and a 2 inch auxiliary valve. 220V. Asking $10,000 offers considered.

Price$60,000 offers considered

Sutter EPC-50 press. 5,000 liters. 220V. Features: Axial feed, stainless steel dump hopper, wheels and drop down front side panel. Asking $60,000 offers considered.

Price$3,300.00 OBO
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Model: ZM301-SD1 110-240 VAC 50-60Hz 0.5A Sturdy little piece of Carlsen and Associates equipment, this must sump has seen easy harvests and it moves grapes and must around just like it's supposed to. It's in very good condition and was checked over by a C & A technician in 2017 with no issues. If you need one of these, come make friends with this one and take it home with you. To do that please call or email me for further info or to come meet it in person. Price negotiable if purchasing multiple pieces of equipment.

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Model: VS 3.6 Capacity: 6 tons/hour Voltage: 230 3-phase Aluminum Catwalks Available: (2) @ 2,800.00 each Built in 2013 this shaker table has lived at the same tiny winery and has only been required to do a small amount of tonnage/year. It's in very good condition and runs smoothly. It has the option to come with two matching aluminum catwalks that fit lenthwise down the machine or can fit to either side. Checked and certified by a Scharfenberger technician in 2017 and it passed with zero issues. Tiny winery is undergoing a change in future plans so crush equipment has to go. If you need an awesome shaker table please call or email me for further information or to arrange a visit. Price negotiable if multiple pieces of equipment are to be purchased.

Price$16,695 OBO
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Capacity: 1-10 tons/hour Model Year: 2013 Voltage: 230 3-phase Specs: Variable frequency drive, crush rollers, 18mm polished cage, adjustable legs and casters A gently-used, great piece of equipment that does exactly what you expect it to do without any sass. Purchased new in 2013 it's only had to process a few tons of red and white per year for a tiny winery. It was certified last season by a Carlsen & Associates technician and given a very clean bill of health. Due to a change in future plans, the tiny winery will no longer require processing equipment thus leaving this machine to find a loving new home. If you would like to be that new home, please call or email for further details or to schedule a visit. Willing to negotiate price if multiple items will be purchased.

Price$ e-mail for pricing

Carlsen motor driven agar/hopper with adjustable legs, adjustable height conveyer sorter, 1 ton bonar bins, ss submerged cap screens w/clips

Price$ 0.0
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Stock and Custom chillers for Glycol process applications.


Fairly new Puleo SF-36 Drainpress, drain pan with screen, 32" of clearance, 4" axel feed valve, Voltage: 230 3 ph This press has only been used a few times. Purchase price $60,000.00, asking price $35,000.00


July 2, 2018

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Portable Stemmer/Crusher (electric w/mechanical)

Price$ as noted above
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2000 Vaslin-Bucher Delta E2 Destemmer (no rollers), with stand $12,900.00 2001 750g SS Closed-top jacketed fermentor, with stand $4250.00 2012 2-hp Tank Temp Control Heat/Cool Glycol unit $3950.00 2013 Enotechnica Pillan 350ltr SS Edropress, with SS 40x40 draining tank $4250.00 2000 Stainless Steel Sorting Table w/adjustable legs $500.00 2001 Stainless Steel 59g barrel(s) $600 each 2000 Pallet Truck $250.00 2011 250g Portable White Storage Tank $50.00 Various hoses, clamps, valves, screens, chilling coil, chilling plate, cellar equipment available. ALL ABOVE .....VERY LIMITED USE.

PriceCima Crusher Destemmer, $6,500.00; Custom Promac Auger Loader w/ Loading Table, $5K; Must Pump, $6K; 1 1/2 Impeller Wine Pump, $1K; 1/2 Ton Malovac bin dumper, $2K
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Processing Equipment 1- Defranchesci Bladder Press 10 ton capacity 230 Volt 3 phase, $ 12,500.00 1- Cima Crusher Destemmer 8 ton per hour w/all electrical connections associated with its operation 230 volt 3 phase, $6,500.00 1- Custom Promac Auger Loader with loading table for crusher destemmer and/or direct to press, $5K 1- Must Pump, $6K 1- 1 1/2" impeller wine making pump, $1K. 1- ½ Ton Malovac bin dumper, $2K Also for sale are 2 tubs full of 1½”, 2” and 3” tri clover connections, gate valves, ball valves, hoses, and lab equipment. If interested in insulated and jacketed stainless steel wine making tanks see ad titled: Jacketed and Insulated Tanks. All equipment is located in Madera, CA.

CMA Destemer

June 21, 2018


CMS Destemer, 3 phase 240 volts, 6 tons per hour

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Rail mounted Newmatic punch down tool. Used on 10 ton and 5 ton open top fermenters. Asking 5,800.00 or best offer

Sorting Line

June 20, 2018

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Sorting line for sell with both cluster and berry sorting tables, bin dumper, cluster shaker feed table, Euro select Destemmer and must / mog shaker table. Set up to run on 480 power. Bin dumper will except both half ton and quarter ton Macro bins. Willing to sell pieces separately or together. Contact for individual piece pricing. Bin Dumper Destemmer Feed Conveyor Incline Sorting Table & Hopper Euroselect Destemmer Le Trieur Must Sorter Post Destemmer Sorting Table