Title Location Date Price
Cork HopperNorth Coast, California12/13/2017$4200
Samsung 10 ton ChillerNorth Coast, California12/13/2017$12,000
Electric ForkliftNorth Coast, California11/28/2017$5000.
Scharfenberger hopper doserOregon11/20/2017$8,000
90 Ton ChillerOregon11/20/2017$25,000
Colt Industries Air compressorNorth Coast, California11/20/2017$6200
Quality Glass Starting at $4.99/Caseother10/24/2017$
Flextanks, Macro-bins & Picking LugsSacramento Valley/Sierra Foothills10/23/2017$
Europress EHP 3000Washington10/23/2017$11000
WALL MOUNTED HUMIDITY CONTROL SYSTEMNorth Coast, California10/18/2017$799
Caterpillar ForkliftSacramento Valley/Sierra Foothills10/16/2017$10,500
Tin Capsule recyclingNorth Coast, California10/15/2017$
Kombi filter press 40x40other10/09/2017$8000
(2) 1-ton MacrobinsSacramento Valley/Sierra Foothills10/02/2017$250 each
3" must pumpSacramento Valley/Sierra Foothills10/02/2017$1,500.00
 Title Location Date Price

Cork Hopper

December 13, 2017


With nylon brush conveyor for removing cork dust, 240v 3p, pictures available upon request.

Samsung 10 ton Chiller

December 13, 2017


10 ton DVM chiller by Samsung, 230v 3p

Electric Forklift

November 28, 2017


2006 Jungheinrich EFG218K 3wheeled Electric forklift, 3500 lbs 870 hrs. the batteries have been replaced once, in working condition sold as is.

Scharfenberger hopper doser

November 20, 2017


2013 Scharfenberger Hopper/Doser, stainless steel, 208 3phase, 3/4 ton hopper 5+ tph capacity

90 Ton Chiller

November 20, 2017


2008 Smardt 90 ton Chiller, 460v 3phase, includes cooling tower and pump.


Has Quincy compressor 15 hp. 230v 3phase, Ingersoll Rand air dryer 110v, on a skid with forklift pockets, excellent condition.


All Styles in stock. No minimums. http://www.westcoastbottles.com 1-800-282-2028


Flextanks: 2 x 300G, 4 x 200G, 1 x 100G (plus racking arm and valve for each). Macro-bins: 2 x Half-Tons (& lids). 30 x Picking Lugs. See https://winery-equipment-for-sale.weebly.com/ for more info (incl. prices & pictures)

Europress EHP 3000

October 23, 2017

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30 hl built in 1984 Europress EHP 3000 membrane press , open cage, 230 Volt 3 phase, original control panel, new bladder in 2015, axial feed, onboard air, hopper (bolted to press frame), large juice pan and press are on wheels, press is on stand with 4 Feet clearance. Works great, serviced every year by Europress technician. Asking $11000 - Buyer will remove & haul. Call Cody or Marie-Eve at 509-522-9463 or email marie@forgeroncellars.com for more info

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ULTRA WALL HUMIDITY CONTROL SYSTEM Each Ultra Wall Mist system can handle approximately 900-1200 sq ft area of controlled humidity, for larger areas simply add units, each operating from the same water source line and can operate a different zone humidity range, as each unit has its own separate Humidistat. Industrial Humidification: ultra fine mist partial size allowing for instant and complete evaporation within very small area, no chance for anything to get wet or damp. Built in Sensor/Controller: each comes complete with its own 2%Rh adjustable humidistat. Intelligent Auto-Control & Safety Shut Off: water feed is full time delivery with supply 1/4" flex water line with Intelligent Auto-Stop when water is low or supply stops. Antibacterial Technology: water chamber uses silver ion antibacterial technology for always clean fresh and pure hygienic mist vapor. Simple Installation: wall mounted & uses push/pull fitting connections 714 336-8282 - TACmisting@gmail.com

Caterpillar Forklift

October 16, 2017


Model EP16KT, 3-wheels (turns on a dime), 3000lbs capacity. Lift/Tilt/Sideshift. See http://forklift-for-sale.weebly.com for more information (including pictures)

Tin Capsule recycling

October 15, 2017

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Hello, my name is Tony demetro, I am with TNTCalCo, We specialize in purchasing all types of wine tin capsules/foils for recycling, We are a Eco-Friendly service that comes out to you, weigh and pay on site! If you could please forward this to the appropriate person in your winery, I would be happy to answer any questions, or if you would like to schedule a pick up date, I can be reached at (510) 992-9148 Or by emailing me. We also purchase all types of equipment and machinery as well. Please feel free to give us a call for more info Thanks TNTCalCo Tony Demetro (510) 992-9148 TNTCalCo@Gmail.com

Kombi filter press 40x40

October 9, 2017


We have a kombi filter with 40 lees filter plates and 26 40x40 plates for filtering wine. It is in great working condition it is just too big and too much for our little winery. Made by alpha filters and sold by criveller for 19200 brand new. Asking $8000 obo we will ship.

(2) 1-ton Macrobins

October 2, 2017

Price$250 each

2 1-ton Macrobins. Great for small winery red frementations

3" must pump

October 2, 2017


3" must pump with 2 20' hoses and fittings. New electric motor 1 year ago.