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2 bin dumpers for sale 6k eachCentral Valley, California08/09/2022$6k eachActiveCrush Equipment32665
Delta ELVTR 350 Mobile Belt Elevator (Variable Speed)Central Coast, California08/08/2022$12,000 or best offerActiveCrush Equipment32652
26HL tank pressGreat Lakes Region (MI, OH, WI, N.NY...)08/06/2022$29,000ActiveCrush Equipment32629
Forklift Bin Rotator w/Stinger for 1/2 ton bins.North Coast, California08/04/2022$2000ActiveWinery Equipment & Supplies Other32599
Carlson Sorting TableCentral Coast, California08/02/2022$6000.00InactiveCrush Equipment32521
Tirage bins, wooden. Also, Carson half ton bins.North Coast, California07/31/2022$110.00 tirage bins ea. & $50.00 Carson bins ea.ActiveWinery Equipment & Supplies Other32484
Zambelli 20x20 Plate FilterSierra Foothills/Amador County/Shenandoah Valley07/28/2022$1,500.00ActiveCellar Equipment32451
Harvester, sprayer, tractor, bins and flextanks!Great Lakes Region (MI, OH, WI, N.NY...)07/20/2022NegotiableActiveWinery Equipment & Supplies Other32269
Small Open and Closed Top Tanks - 1100 - 3521 gals.Central Coast, California05/23/2022$Pictures and prices upon requestActiveCellar Equipment31295
Pallet Floor ScaleNorth Coast, California04/04/2022$ActiveCellar Equipment30484
Glycol Chillers in Stock 2022!!North Coast, California02/14/2022$ActiveCellar Equipment29943
TitleLocationDatePriceStatusChoose category...Entry ID
Price$6k each
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macro bin dumpers

Price$12,000 or best offer
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Located in Paso Robles. 208v 3 phase. Good working condition. Full sized hopper for 24, T and 48 bins to be dumped directly into.

26HL tank press

August 6, 2022


2007 Vintage Enoveneta 26HL tank press. 480v 3Phase. This has always been stored and used indoors. Great maintenance over the years. New bladder in 2019, rebuilt the onboard compressor in 2020 and new drum support bearing in 2022. PLC controls are in excellent condition. I wish I could keep it but we don’t have enough space for two presses and need a larger press.

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Used forklift bin rotator in good condition, Fitted with industry standard quick disconnects. Includes stainless steel adjustable stinger for dumping bins without rotator bars.

Carlson Sorting Table

August 2, 2022

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Carlson Sorting Table -2014, 480v 3 ph, great condiition

Price$110.00 tirage bins ea. & $50.00 Carson bins ea.

21 Wooden tirage bins.will hold 56 cases of wine en tirage each. $110.00 ea. 31 Carson half ton picking bins, stackable, $50.00 ea

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Like new small two-stage plate filter


Small family winery and vineyard in Northeast Ohio is going out of business. We have a list of bulk wine and equipment for sale. Bulk wine includes Vidal/Pepin blend, Marquette, Niagara, Merlot, and Frontenac Gris. Equipment includes harvest bins, TN80 Orchard tractor, 80 gallon airblast sprayer, flextanks, and a Chisholm Mechanical Harvester! https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/288287096729065/ You can email Carla at, chimmelreich@barrelrunwinery.com for a complete list of items, photos, and pricing. Thank you!

Price$Pictures and prices upon request

Open Top Tanks: 3 ea. 2,875 Gal. SS Jacketed Open Top Tanks 3 ea. 1,151 Gal. SS Jacketed Open Top Tanks 2 ea. Sub Cap Devices Available for the above mentioned tanks 1 ea. 3,333 Gal. SS Jacketed Open Top Tank Closed Top Tanks: 1 ea. 1,930 Gal. SS Jacketed Closed Top Tank 1 ea. 3,521. Gal. SS Jacketed Closed Top Tank (insulated) 2 ea. Muller SS Porta Tanks 1 ea. Irapp Heater Barrel Racks 2 ea. Dayton Electric Overhead Cranes

Pallet Floor Scale

April 4, 2022


Pallet Floor Scale NTEP Legal 5,000 x 1 Starting at $1195.00 916 600 8336 Lab Balances, All Types of Scales


Prices are FOB our shop + tax Photos on request Contact Refrigeration Technology Inc. 707-987-0500 or sales@rti2000.com 5hp Used chiller with a glycol tank (2) Pumps 460/3 Price --------- $12,985 6 hp New chiller with a glycol tank (2) Pumps 208/3 Price --------- $16,985 12hp (6x6) New chiller with a glycol tank (4) Pumps 208/3 Price --------- $34,676 20 hp Used chiller (10x10) with a glycol tank and pump skid. 208/3 Price --------- $ 25,885 20 hp Used chiller (10x10) with a glycol tank and pump skid. 208/3 Price --------- $ 20,775 20 hp Used chiller (10x10) with a glycol tank and pumps. This unit also has a propane glycol heater . 208/3 Price --------- $ 29,995 40 hp Used chiller (20x20 ) with a glycol tank and pump skid. 460/3 Price --------- $ 37,759