Title Location Date Price
Classy Burgundy GlassNorth Coast, California03/22/2018$5.00
Hercules Plate and Frame FilterNorth Coast, California03/19/2018$0
Glass for your bottlingNorth Coast, California03/19/2018$2
Chillers 4 Sale CustomizedNorth Coast, California03/15/2018$
KRACK Air Handlers for Glycol coolinNorth Coast, California03/15/2018$
Miscellaneous GlassNorth Coast, California03/13/2018$2/case
New and Used Floor ScalesNorth Coast, California03/12/2018$
Macro Bins with LidsCentral Valley, California03/08/2018$125
Presses in-stock for 2018 Harvest!North Coast, California03/06/2018$Call for Pricing
Amos AR15 Destemmer/Crusherother03/05/2018$4000
Small Mobile Bottling TrailerNorth Coast, California02/27/2018$Call for Price
Ultra Wall Humidity Control SystemSouth Coast, California02/23/2018$799
Excess Wine Glass and Caps for SaleNorth Coast, California02/21/2018$
Aerocide PPT ACS50 (Air Purifier) x2North Coast, California02/20/2018$500
destemmer, sorting table, rotatorNorth Coast, California02/14/2018$12000
 Title Location Date Price

Classy Burgundy Glass

March 22, 2018


54 cases [12X750ml] of Burgundy Glass, Antique Green, 32mm neck - Traditional burgundy wide neck [requires 31.50mm capsule]. very classy. In white plain case. $5.00/cases for the whole pallet.Pick up near Napa.

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I am getting rid of this Hercules plate and frame filter, 15 inch plates for 40cm pads. Hasn't been used in years but would work fine for a small winery or home winemaker. Yours if you haul it away!

Glass for your bottling

March 19, 2018


I have the following cases of clean 750mL glass: Hock flint bar top - 10cs Bord flint bar top 60cs Burg antique green bar top 40cs Everything is two dollars a case. Discount if you take it all. Pick up is in Rutherford, Napa Valley.

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Glycol Chillers, itty bitty to very large. Customized: Sale, Service and Installation. Call for Details 707-265-9000 Email to SEI@JPS.NET

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KRACK air handlers for glycol and DX climate control. Please call with your request we can provide all the accessories and parts as well with the units. We can provide expert installation as well. Email: SEI@JPS.NET TEL. 707-265-9000

Miscellaneous Glass

March 13, 2018


Need glass? Pick up in south Napa: Claret Tall Taper Ant Gr, 160 cases Claret Ant Gr, 20 cases Claret Tall Straight Ant Gr, 180 cases Burgundy Ant Gr, 35 cases Burgundy Rope Finish Flint, 35 cases $2/case


Starting at $800, new $1195. Cell (916) 600-8336

Macro Bins with Lids

March 8, 2018

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I have 10 plastic Macro fruit bins with lids.

Price$Call for Pricing
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Criveller has both open and closed presses in stock which includes our 10" color touchscreen panel. Press Characteristics: Two digital programming screens. One for loading and one for press working cycles. Fully customizable programs with possibility of adding up to 90 different programs with 30 steps in each program. Total press time estimator, provides the user an approximate time required for a given program and a timer of how much time has transpired during a pressing cycle. USB port for software updates Press panel provides a variety of loading programs which are fully customizable: Standard press comes with 2 loading programs. Both programs include press loading with or without cylinder rotation. The plus models on the PPC (closed) series also has Maceration programming with or without cylinder rotation Fast mode is available on demand, if the press is not juicing at any step of the program, press will automatically advance to next step, eliminating wasted time.

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Variable speed up to 15 T/H, 220/3 phase, low use, good condition. Last used 2014.

Price$Call for Price
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Mobile Bottling Trailer 16' x 8'; GAI 600 Filler/Corker Adjustable for 375 ml, 500 ml, 750 ml and 1.5 lt; runs at 20-24 bottles/minute; Pneumatic GAI Spinners (2); Impresstik Vacuum Belt Labeler; Large Format Corker for 3 Lt to 18 Lt with Vacuum; Sparger; Steam Generator; Filter Housings; Yamada Air Pump and Wine Hoses;

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2018 ULTRA WALL MOUNTED HUMIDITY CONTROL SYSTEM controls approximately 900-1200 sq ft of humidity, for larger areas you simply add units, each operating from the same water line & each operate within different zone humidity range, as each unit has its own separate Humidistat INDUSTRIAL HUMIDIFICATION: ultra fine mist partial size ( 4 micron or less ) allowing for complete instant evaporation within very small area, no chance for anything to get wet or damp BUILT IN SENSOR/CONTROLLER: each unit comes complete with its own 2%Rh adjustable humidistat INTELLIGENT WATER CONTROL: water feed is full time delivery with connected supplied 1/4" flex water line with Intelligent Auto-Stop when water is low or stops ANTIBACTERIAL TECHNOLOGY: water chamber uses silver ion antibacterial technology for always clean fresh & hygienic mist vapor SIMPLE INSTALLATION: wall mounted installation & Slip/Lok connectors make for simple self installation email: TACmisting@gmail.com - 714 336-8282


Chateau Diana Winery has excess Wine Glass for sale. Please contact Christinem@chateaud.com for a complete list with pricing.


Siprem Alpha 1 destemmer 5 Ton/hour, stainless sorting table, manual bin rotator. Excellent condition.