TitleLocationVintageVintageVarietalQuantityPriceDateStatusChoose category...Entry ID
Finger Lakes '21 Niagara, '21 Elvira, '20 + '21 CatawbaEast Coast US (West NY, Eastern Long Island, NJ, PA, VA, NC)Multiple AvailableOther$01/25/2023ActiveBulk Wine34560
11 Barrels of 2021 Merlot, Mountain Top on Pine MountainNorth Coast, California2021Merlot11 Barrels$23 gallon01/24/2023ActiveBulk Wine34554
2021 RRV Pinot an Sonoma County Chardonnay for saleNorth Coast, California2021Multiple Varietals Available2500 gal Pinot Noir and 4600 gal Chardonnay$Reasonable Offers01/20/2023ActiveBulk Wine34530
Grenache Rosé Shiners - 50 CasesCentral Coast, California5015001/17/2023ActiveCased Goods34501
2023 Cabernet Sauvignon, Yolo CountyCentral Valley, California2023Cabernet Sauvignon20 tons$2000per ton01/16/2023ActiveGrapes34482
Estate Grown Bulk WineWashingtonMultiple AvailableOther$01/16/2023ActiveBulk Wine34477
Estate Grown Organic '22 RedsWashington2022$01/16/2023ActiveBulk Wine34476
Estate Grown Organic '22 WhitesWashington2022$01/16/2023ActiveBulk Wine34475
Bulk Cabernet Franc WineGreat Lakes Region (MI, OH, WI, N.NY...)2022Cabernet Franc390 gallons$1701/12/2023ActiveBulk Wine34445
$100 Wine Case Sale - Ranchita CanyonCentral Coast, California150$10001/05/2023ActiveCased Goods34397
Gorgeous Sonoma Valley Cabernet SauvignonNorth Coast, California2022Cabernet Sauvignonup to 540 gal50/gal01/04/2023ActiveBulk Wine34377
Wonderful Tempranillo from award-winning winerySierra Foothills/Amador County/Shenandoah Valley2018, 2019, 2020Multiple AvailableTempranilloVaries by vintage$various01/03/2023ActiveBulk Wine34349
2022 ZinfandelCentral Coast, California2022Zinfandel540$20/gallon01/03/2023ActiveBulk Wine34345
Need Room! Lovely extra wines in barrels!Sierra Foothills/Amador County/Shenandoah Valley2020, 2019, 2018Multiple AvailableMultiple Varietals AvailableVaries 180-400 gallons$10/gallon11/28/2022ActiveBulk Wine34107
Lake County Cabernet Sauvignon mountain fruit bulk wineNorth Coast, California2021Cabernet Sauvignon750 gal$15/gal10/25/2022ActiveBulk Wine33747
Cab Sauv - Merlot - P Verdot - Cab Franc - Syrah -Red BlendWashington2016-2021Multiple AvailableMultiple Varietals Available100 - 37000 gal$6.00 - @12.0008/06/2022ActiveBulk Wine32632
Grower Produced Premium Bulk Wine, Sonoma/Napa AVAsNorth Coast, CaliforniaMultiple AvailableOtherVaries by item$ varies by item03/07/2022ActiveBulk Wine30158
Grower Produced Quality Sparkling Wine ShinersNorth Coast, CaliforniaMultiple AvailableOtherVaries by item$ varies by item03/07/2022ActiveCased Goods30155
Grower Produced Quality Shiners & Splits, Sonoma/Napa AVAsNorth Coast, CaliforniaMultiple AvailableOtherVaries by item$ varies by item03/07/2022ActiveCased Goods30151
Quality Shiners AvailableNorth Coast, California2018-2022varies by item$ varies by item05/14/2020ActiveCased Goods21114
TitleLocationVintageVintageVarietalQuantityPriceDateStatusChoose category...Entry ID