Title Location Date Price
Used French BarrelsNorth Coast, California08/16/2017
Quality used barrelsNorth Coast, California08/15/2017
3000 gal Quality SS tanksother08/15/2017$11,000 each
Used Double Barrel RacksSacramento Valley/Sierra Foothills08/11/2017$40 each
Barrels & Alternatives AvailableNorth Coast, California08/10/2017
SS Tanks and Barrel RacksNorth Coast, California08/09/2017$1000 - $1500
Petite Screw Pump, 200g flextanksCentral Coast, California08/09/2017$365
2013 One time Use Mercurey BarrelsNorth Coast, California08/08/2017
10500 Gallon Stainless Jacketed TankNorth Coast, California08/08/2017$14,500
SOLD - French Oak High End BarrelsNorth Coast, California08/02/2017
6000g & 10,454g jacketed tanksNorth Coast, California08/01/2017$
TANKS For DaysNorth Coast, California07/29/2017$20,000
Variable Capacity SS tanksSacramento Valley/Sierra Foothills07/26/2017$3500-4000
$$ Save Money $$Central Coast, California07/26/2017$
3500 gal SS tank with stand $5900North Coast, California07/25/2017$
 Title Location Date Price

Used French Barrels

August 16, 2017

Used French Barrels must go. Sound and sulfured.

Quality used barrels

August 15, 2017

Well cared for, good quality used barrels that have been in the Deerfield Ranch Winery caves since purchase. Please contact me via email below to schedule inspection/purchase.

3000 gal Quality SS tanks

August 15, 2017

Price$11,000 each

2 - 3094 gal Quality SS, Jacket and insulation, Bottom Gate, Racking Gate, top truncated to the front. On stand plumber for glycol. $11,000. each or best offer, pictures on request

Used Double Barrel Racks

August 11, 2017

Price$40 each

Used racks in Good Condition Have not been reconditioned Most racks tan in color 100 Racks Available

Barrels and Alternatives Available Immediately Bouchard Cooperages

Price$1000 - $1500
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3 Marchisio 1000 L, variable capacity, conical bottom, stainless steel tanks. Excellent condition with seals, lids, valves and hand pump - $1000 each. 1 Westec round, flat bottom, 4' x 5', 304 stainless steel fermenter or blending tank (great stomp tank). Excellent condition - $1500. Barrel racks - $10 each.


Lightly used winey Equipment for sale. Used to produce less than 2500 cases. Item Quantity Ask price 1.5"1.5hp Petite Screw Pump Zambelli (1) 3000 see https://www.gwkent.com/petite-screwpump.html TCW 2 bottle washer/Gas Sparger (1) 1650 15' 1.5" Glidetech Vineyard hose with triclamp fittings (2) 275 30' 1.5" Glidetech Vineyard hose with triclamp fittings (1) 400 15 gallon glass Demi john (4) 50 30 gallon flextank (4) 100 80 gallon flextank open top (2) 275 200 gallon flextank (4) 365TCW 2 bottle washer/Gas Sparger (1) 1650 15' 1.5" Glidetech Vineyard hose with triclamp fittings (2) 275 30' 1.5" Glidetech Vineyard hose with triclamp fittings (1) 400 15 gallon glass Demi john (4) 50 30 gallon flextank (4) 100 80 gallon flextank open top (2) 275 ***open top fermenter have lids but the metal collar clamps needs maintenance 200 gallon flextank (4) 365 Italian motorized destemer Crusher (1) 875. https://ventura.craigslist.org/bfs/6257233688.html

We have some good looking wood! 2013 Mercurey French oak M+ ONE Time Use for Pinot Program in 2014 Emptied June 19th 2017 we have 52 left these barrels are beautiful they deserve a good home Call us today lets do this Moe #-209-327-7778 Deano-#707-337-1250


10,500 Gallon Stainless Zero Tank Jacketed and dimensions are 11 feet tall and 12 wide. it holds enough liquid wine to make 4,450 cases. This is a winery dream Just pay the bill and shipping and handling we will deliver anywhere in the USA Call Moe Today or Deano Moe #209-327-7778 Deano- #707-337-1250

These have all been sold, thank you. French Oak High End Barrels M+ - Mostly Once Used $3,000 for the entire lot (23 used, 2 new) Pickup ONLY in Calistoga Tarransaud 2 x Reference 113 Bordeaux 225L 4 x Reference 112 Bordeaux 225L $75 each Darnajou 9 x M+ Bordeaux Transport 225L 4 x Strong Bordeaux Transport 225L 1 x twice used M+ Bordeaux Transport 225L $75 each Ermitage 2 x M+ Bordeaux Export 225L Troncais $75 each Tonellie-O 1 x M+ Bordeaux Transport 225L $75 each Demptos NEW in plastic 2015 1 x Cooper Select M+ 36mo dry aged Bordeaux Export 225L $750 Ermitage NEW in plastic 2016 1 x M+ Bordeaux Export 225L Troncais $850


These tanks need to go this month. Make an offer. 2 jacketed, stainless fermentation tanks, priced at a fraction of new. Prices include tank stands. Lot 0008 10,454 gals. $19,499 Jacketed, two doors Lot 0016 6,052 gals. $13,999 Sierra Stainless, jacketed, two doors Use the money you saved on tanks for more barrels, a new press, sorting system, or ??? Discounts if you buy both tanks. Located in Napa County . Several other tanks also available. Visit http://www.winetankbroker.com for complete inventory, photos and descriptions, or contact Andy @ 707-529-2185 or andy@winetankbroker.com

TANKS For Days

July 29, 2017


We have 3 x 20 Ton Puelo Tanks Stainless from Italy 1997 Used Brand New $85,000 Asking a Fraction of the price at $22,500 for each or buy all 3 at $60,000 These tanks Feerment quick are great for bulk storage for they are air tight. we Have all working parts and manuals. We also have 2 x 10 ton Puelo tanks for $12,500 each or Both for $20,000 these are ideal tanks if we dont sell these its ok we will use them. If interested call Deano @ 707-337-1250 Or Moe at 209-327-7778 wwww.Moesbarrels.com

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(1) Kent Primo 3100 liter w/ 2" TC ports;conical bottom;16" manway;temp gauge $4000. (1) Marchismo 2150 liter w/ 2" TC ports; conical bottom;therm port w/o gauge;sample port w/o spigot;16" manway $3500. Both good condition w/ seals, lids and hand pumps..

$$ Save Money $$

July 26, 2017


Refurbished 2-barrel racks for sale. $70/ea. Fresh powdercoat - looks like new. Hurry while supplies last. Topco Inc.


3500 gallon jacketed stainless steel tank with stand. Tank dimensions 90" dia x 10' height.