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Red Bordeaux BarrelsNorth Coast, California08/03/2020ActiveBarrels22737
USED RED BDX BARRELSNorth Coast, California08/03/2020ActiveBarrels22723
Variable Capacity and SS IBC Totes Available Immediately.Oregon - Willamette07/29/2020$1ActiveTanks22654
French Oak Barrels in Search of a HomeNorth Coast, California07/28/2020ActiveBarrels22590
SS Tanks for SaleNorth Coast, California07/28/2020$24,000/tankActiveTanks22559
Bourbon, Rum, Rye, Tequila BarrelsOther US07/28/2020ActiveBarrels22554
1 year old red French Oak barrelsCentral Coast, California07/25/2020ActiveBarrels22530
1 year old white french oak barrelsCentral Coast, California07/25/2020ActiveBarrels22529
Western Square Barrel RacksCentral Valley, California07/21/2020$ Make OfferActiveRacks22436
5 new 2020 francois freres burgundy vtg,m+,th barrelsNorth Coast, California07/20/2020ActiveBarrels22410
Two Santa Rosa Jacketed Stainless Steel TanksNorth Coast, California07/17/2020$8512 per tankActiveTanks22371
Barrels for sale - 1x, 2x, 3x usedCentral Coast, California07/16/2020ActiveBarrels22337
Once, Twice, Thrice Used Red Bordeaux BarrelsNorth Coast, California07/15/2020ActiveBarrels22304
Once Used French Oak Barrels for SaleCentral Valley, California07/13/2020ActiveBarrels22239
Used Bordeaux Barrels 2015-2018 AvailableNorth Coast, California06/30/2020ActiveBarrels21990
Variable Capacity Tanks Available ImmediatelyOregon - Willamette06/05/2020$1ActiveTanks21565
Closed top jacketed wine tanks available immediatelyOregon - Willamette06/05/2020$1ActiveTanks21564
Fermentation Tanks Term Lease & Lease to OwnNorth Coast, California05/04/2020$ActiveTanks20807
Redwood and oak wine tank lumberCentral Valley, California02/27/2020$ActiveBarrels & Tanks Other20094
1,500, 2,200 and 3,100 gallon tanksNorth Coast, California01/14/2020$14112 for 1500 gal., $15225 for 2000 gal. and $16811 for 3000 gal. tankActiveTanks19647
Tanks Ready to Ship Today!!North Coast, California10/25/2018$Call or email Quality Stainless Tanks for current availability & pricingActiveTanks13262
TitleLocationDatePriceStatusChoose category...Entry ID

Red Bordeaux Barrels

August 3, 2020

Well cared for.


August 3, 2020

USED French Oak BDX Red Barrels for sale. Coopers include Taransaud, Sylvain, Nadelie, Francios Ferrer, and Darnajou. Once emptied barrels have been SO2 gassed monthly and stored inside a temperature controlled and humidified barrel room. 2013 - 4 2014 - 12 2015 - 21 2016 - 42

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Stout Tanks and Kettles, LLC has a wide selection of jacketed and non-jacketed variable capacity tanks and stainless steel IBC totes available for immediate shipping. Jacketed Variable Capacity Tanks. 2150L/560 gallon round bottom tank w/legs – (9) Available 1500L/396 gallon round bottom tank w/legs – (5) Available 1000L/253 gallon round bottom tank w/legs – (14) Available Non-Jacketed VC Tanks 2150L/560 gallon flat bottom tank – (10) Available 1500L/398 gallon flat bottom tank – (9) Available 1000L/254 gallon flat bottom tank – (11) Available Jacketed Stainless Steel IBC Totes. 400 Gallon Jacketed Stainless IBC tote – (4) Available 330 Gallon Jacketed Stainless IBC tote – (2) Available 275 Gallon Jacketed Stainless IBC tote – (2) Available Non-Jacketed SS IBC Totes. 400 Gallon Non-Jacketed Stainless IBC tote – (2) Available 330 Gallon Non-Jacketed Stainless IBC tote – (3) Available 275 Gallon Non-Jacketed Stainless IBC tote – (2) Available

Well taken care of barrels. Steamed, ozoned and SO2. Very clean with lots of life left.

SS Tanks for Sale

July 28, 2020


2 x 6,350 gallon SS Tanks manufactured by Criveller for sale. Brand new, and never used. Both tanks have all the “Bells & Whistles”, and Cooling Jackets for complete operation. Sale price: $ 24,000/tank. Contact: Don Baker, 707-480-4784 or don_baker@sa-napavalley.com

Fresh, wet bourbon, rum, rye, and tequila barrels. http://www.BarrelsDirect.com

6 World Cooperage 2018 French Oak barrels, red wine only, 2 are 24 month Cote d"or med. plus toasted heads, 2 are Profile 1 and 2 are Profile 2 toasted heads. Winery is in Paso Robles.

World Cooperage French oak barrels, 2 are profile 1 and 2 are profile 2 toasted heads, white wine only. Location of winery is Paso Robles.

Price$ Make Offer

35 plus Western Square barrel racks in good condition, bottom 4 barrel racks, 10" 4 barrel racks and top single racks. Also, 2 - 120 gallon Macro Bins. Make Offer

5 new 2020 francois freres burgundy vtg,m+,th barrels. $5000 for all. Please email George at georgewine@sbcglobal.net for further information or interest

Price$8512 per tank
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Two 4256 gallon stainless steel tanks 23 ft tall, approximately 8 ft in diameter, sitting on 3 ft. high stands. Each tank has three doors. One on the bottom, second higher and offset, and the third on top of tank. Each tank has two-1 inch valves and one-3 inch valve.They are priced at $2 per gallon. Located on Bella Oaks Lane in Rutherford, California. For more information please call Richard: 707-974-3757.

High quality French oak barrels in great condition Maintained very well, and conditioned with ozone gas monthly Coopers include Francois Freres, Ermitage, Remond 1x used: $250 2x used: $150 3x used: $50 Located in Castroville, CA (just outside of Monterey)

Taransaud, Darnajou, Treuil, Baron, Remond, Francois Freres, AP John, Ermitage, La Grange, Atelier. Once used: 54 Barrels available @ $150/bb obo Twice used: 20 Barrels available @ $50/bb obo 3X Used: 27 Barrels available @ $20/bb obo

Once used French oak barrels in great condition. Cooper include Darnajou, Taransaud, Remond and Ermitage. We can offer reasonable in-state delivery services.

Variety of coopers and toasts. All barrels have been steamed and sulfured and are in sound microbial shape. Price range: $40 to $275. Payment due at pick-up. No holds. Email camillem@celiawelchconsulting.com for full list.